Primum non nocere

Primum non nocere


A body at rest

Tends to stay at rest

A body in motion

Tends to stay in motion


My body is not at rest


For every action

There is an equal and opposite



I am an actor

Surrounded by actors

We are always acting


There are three basic rules:

The bleeding always stops;

If it looks bad, it is; and

If you drop the baby

Pick it up



Can you hear me?


Stop, drop and roll

Look, listen and feel


Fifteen chest compressions

At a rate of 100 per minute:

One and two and three and four and


A body at rest

Tends to stay at rest


My body is not at rest

My body tends to stay in motion


We lose heat quickly

In cold water


Hypothermic people have difficulty

Thinking clearly


May I have a black iced tea, please?

No sweetener



Drown-proofing is mostly a matter of


Discovering and accepting

My natural buoyancy

Even if that means floating

Below the surface


I am floating below the surface and







If I push the water toward my feet

I’ll move upward, head-first

My lips will break the

Surface of the water and

I will breathe


A body at rest tends to stay at rest

I am relaxed; I am c-c-c-calm


Baby, baby, are you okay?









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