No Argument

The latke and the hamantash

went for a walk

on a beautiful morning in spring

The latke wore his pajamas

and the hamantash didn’t wear anything


They stopped to rest by a babbling brook

and listened to wind in the trees

The hamantash built a small fairy house there

while the latke stretched out, completely at ease


Life is good, said the latke

still with eyes closed

as the hamantash lay down beside him

I love you, my sweet triangular friend

and she made up her mind then to guide him


to places she knew that he’d never seen

to wonders that she’d never shared

to mornings and evenings and times in between

they would fill with their songs if they dared


Closing her eyes, she looked into her heart

and quietly reached for his hand

Oh Latke, I’ve loved you right from the start

There’s just one thing you must understand


Life is good but it’s short

for people like us

who’ve been made just for others to eat

You are round and delicious

and go well with dishes

that can be both salty and sweet


Oh Tash, cried the latke

embracing her now

and pressing his lips to her cheek

The two of them lay there

the rest of the day

and made love in the sun

by the creek 



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